Our AMHS Solutions

We offer Automated material handling systems & Equipment (AMHS) to ensure efficient transport of material from one place to another.

Our systems ensure efficiency in many business processes while offering many other benefits such as:

  • Efficient use of labour – a labor cost is incurred in moving material from one area to its next destination our solutions & equipment automate this process & reduce labour costs.
  • Reduced contamination – some environments are sensitive to particles in the air or human interaction which can subsequently, contaminate the product being produced especially in the food & beverage sectors
  • Improved cycle times - The material doesn’t need to wait to be transported by the operator, thus, freeing operators to attend to tasks in their assigned area. The time it takes to transport from one step to another becomes more predictable and helps to improve cycle time estimates and allows for more accurate due date estimates for customers
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Our solutions center around the food processing industry & Packaging Industry.

packaging BRT machine packaging BRT machine
Grain handling ,achine Grain machine
Packaging machine BRT packaging machine
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