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Who we are..

Brisk Solution Company limited (BSL). BSL is a Software Engineering and Development enterprise founded in Kenya. We are focused on proficiency in business processes automation by providing our clients with enterprise software solutions based on Open-Source technologies and excellent industry standards.
Our emphasis is on improving the quality of decisions made for the business, planning with strategic execution to improve investment returns for our clients. BSL strives to become the preferred industry standard for the provision of software solutions that are functional, maintainable, dependable, efficient and that perform to specific requirements. These has involved developing software components and applications for the both desktop and mobile

Improving the quality of decisions made for the business, planning with strategic execution to improve investment returns for our clients.



What we offer..


Brisk HR is a comprehensive human resource management system that enables the tracking, management , and analysis of all the employees from recruitment to separation.


Brisk SAAS is a hosting model for Brisk Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software which involves the software applications on our cloud servers.The goal of SAAS ERP hosting is to reduce costs in software,hardware and support.


Brisk SalTrak is a business tool that SalTrak focusses on simplifying an FMCG distributors business processes in field sales and reporting. Essentially built for organisations that focus on distribution, the solution provides real time and accurate information that facilitates proper planning and decision making.


  1. Tracking and Monitoring
  2. Improved Sales Reps Reporting Time
  3. Route Optimization


Brisk e-nvironment seeks to contribute to the achievement of three Millenium Development Goals : eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, promoting gender equality and empower women, and ensure environmental sustainability. Brisk is contributing to the MDGs through provision and implementation of Brisk e-nvironment, a dynamic integrated environment Management sytem, customized for a wide range of institutions and organizations with an aim of helping them improve their performance and save resources.


Brisk ERP provides an integrated real-time view of core business processes, using common databases maintained by a database management system. Brisk ERP system tracks business resources - cash,raw materials,production capacity - and the status of the business commitments: orders, purchase orders and payroll.


  1. Fully Customizable
  2. Flexible Platform
  3. Mobile/Browser Access
  4. Platform Independet
  5. Flexible Import and Export
  6. Integrated Report Writer
  7. Secure, Role Based Access and Logging
  8. Multiple User Interfaces & Accounts


Brisk BioMetric is a registration and verification solution. It incorporates finger print and photo recognition. Accessible to management anywhere using internet connection.

Other Services

We also offer deployment and integration of Automated Material Handling Systems/Solutions (AMHS) such as:

  • Process Weighers
  • Cereal & Milling machines among others
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Steward House, Jamhuri Park Showground

Off Ngong Road, Nairobi

+254 786 926 142


P.O. Box 13338 – 00200